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Looking for a comfortable place to sit back and relax and a simple way to add colour to your life?

Then get ready to crash into a crashmat! Whether you’re sitting in the sun, reading a book, playing a game or just having a snooze, crashmat makes for the perfect companion.

With our fun and stylish product range, crashmat has re-invented the comfort of bean bags, offering you a seating solution that now looks as good as it feels. Featuring a combination of prints, stripes and block colours and ranging from our popular brights to our stylish interior prints, you will be easily able to match a design for any home, office or event, inside and out!

With your ultimate comfort and relaxation in mind, the crashmat range includes: crashmat bean bag, crashmat kids bean bag, cushions, bubble (a mini bean bag for your iPad or book), ottomans, crashmat woof (for the four legged family members), lunch cooler bags, beach chairs and picnic totes, and the newly released crashmat storage range.

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The weather here in Melbourne is absolutely feeezing, so time to warm up with this hearty soup.  Tonight I am going to put this one on the menu (as it also means I can use up some veggies out of the fridge that are nearly at their end). 

(Sourced via

I wouldn't normally be looking at a salad for lunch in winter, but with warm roast veggies this sounds so yum.